During the months of October and November, we participated in a dual 30 day challenge with our members to see who could be the most committed to fitness. There were to two criteria for scoring, and therefore, could be two winners: Percent Attendance and Percentage of Weight Lost. We also did a tie breaker baseline test at the start of the challenge and retested at the end. Should there be a tie, we would go to who had the best improvement from baseline A to baseline B. Oh by the way, this was a monetary challenge with a $30 buy-in, with a possible pay out of roughly $510!

After much anticipation, here is you winner!!!!!

“Commit Winner” and “Fit Winner” – $510

Luis Haro – 100% attendance (15/15) + 23.78%  baseline improvement + 7.95% of overall body weight lost  (16.2 lbs)


Commit Honorable  Mentions:

Chris Varnal – 100% attendance (23/23) + 19.64% improvement
Billy Fermin– 100% attendance (23/23) + 16.9% improvement
Will Wijaya – 100% attendance (23/23) + 7.46% improvement

Fit Honorable Mentions:

Billy Fermin – 7.17% lost – 12.5 lbs
Will Wijaya – 4.9% lost – 8.1 lbs
Josh Roma – 4.4 % lost – 7.1 lbs

Great job everyone! Keep up the hard work. Consistency is key. The results will come!