We are a community

Diamond Bar CrossFit is about community and revolutionary fitness that caters to the individual’s athletic needs and lifestyle. Diamond Bar CrossFit is no ordinary workout. There are no machines. There are no boring routines. Results are guaranteed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a fit community that changes lives by providing elite functional fitness, so that people may live happier and healthier. We strive to groom our athletes for long term success through effective performance programming and a strong community of like-minded individuals. Performing at the highest level for each athletic contest, or the fitness level to overcome any physical task, will allow our members to become confident in his or her ability. This confidence will in turn push the individual to train harder during each workout session thus creating a circle of built confidence and athletic success.

We scale load and intensity; we do not change programs. You won’t have to lift weights beyond your level or perform movements beyond your skill set. We pride ourselves on working with people of all ability levels and making them better.

A day in the life of DB CrossFit

Who we serve

EVERYONE can train at Diamond Bar CrossFit! We serve the needs of every athlete. From the stay-at-home mom, to the high school football star, we do it ALL! Think you’re a good athlete? We’ll make you elite! Don’t think you’re an athlete at all? We’ll turn you into one! Through professional coaching, nutrition and a strong community, Diamond Bar CrossFit creates a class of people who excel in all aspects of life.

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Our Facility

Diamond Bar CrossFit offers a 3,000 Sq Ft training facility is conveniently located off the 60 freeway and Diamond Bar Blvd (Next to K-Mart). Its equipped with top-of-the-line equipment equipment, motivated/knowledgeable coaches, and a strong sense of community. With half the facility designated with CrossFit racks and mats, and the other half lined with running lanes to develop athleticism, our athletes truly receive the ultimate experience when training at Diamond Bar CrossFit.