We’re excited to announce a new program at DBCF called the BURNX Challenge. This will be the first of its kind, in that it provides a perfect blend of BURNX, CrossFit and nutrition counseling for members AND non-members in a concise, focused time period.

The goal is to help new members transition into the box with a well rounded approach, while also providing current members with an opportunity to focus on nutrition discipline and workout consistency.


The BURNX Challenge will last 6 weeks with a 20 person cap that will include:

  • CrossFit Foundations classes

  • Custom Macronutrient Counseling

  • (2) Body Fat Composition tests

  • Baseline workout with subsequent re-test

  • Accountability check-ins with a coach

  • (1) “BurnX” Challenge T-Shirt

  • (1) Welcome Packet

  • (3) BurnX Workouts per week

  • (3) Home Workouts per week

  • (1) CrossFit Workouts per week


The challenge will commence with a 90 minute Orientation and Ice Breaker that will cover logistics, nutrition guidance, facility tour, before pictures and a baseline workout.

The challenge will end with a unified workout/graduation that athletes can invite family and friends to watch as they perform the baseline workout for a final time.


First Day: Orientation with Nutritional seminar and baseline test

Weeks 1-2: Conditioning & Stamina with body weight and high volume, low load workouts

Weeks 3-4: Advanced Movements and Introduction into Weightlifting

Weeks 5-6: Skill Building and long lasting neurological sharpening

Final Day: Graduation Day with baseline re-test


The participation fee is $199 for non-members and $79 for current members at DBCF, regardless of membership. (will receive all benefits, excluding the additional workouts). Payment is required before the start of the challenge.



*New BURNX classes will be added to the schedule (Effective Jan 18th)

Monday   8:30am & 7:30pm*
Tuesday  8:30am & 4:30pm
Weds      8:30am & 6:30pm*
Thurs     8:30am & 4:30pm
Friday    8:30am & 7:30pm*
Saturday 11am* (CrossFit Beginners)


– All new classes will be an added value to your current membership

– The addition of BURNX on Monday at 7:30pm and Weds at 6:30pm will REPLACE the current CrossFit class at that time. Meaning no two classes will be coached at the same time.

– CrossFit Beginners will be a slower paced, technique driven class. It’s great for new members and perfect for all members who want to brush up on their technique. This class will also be FREE to non-members interested in joining.

– YES, as always, if you come in wanting to do a separate WOD at anytime, we will help you.


The best part about the challenge is that it will REPEAT EVERY 6-8 weeks. No more waiting around for a nutrition challenge like AMRAPS & 6packs or Commit2Fit to come around (yes, we will still have those) before dedicating yourself to new goals. The BURNX Challenge will constantly be available to help you take that next step!

We’re striving to come up with ways to make Diamond Bar CrossFit an even better “home away from home.”  Our goal in 2017 is to continue to grow our community, improve the box, and help all of you achieve your goals one day at a time!